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Something I did messing around in illustrator

Something I did messing around in illustrator


Absolutely love Xooang Choi’s sculptural works! I dropped by at the Hong Kong Art Annual Art Fair yesterday at the Exhibition and Convention Center, and was so excited to, yet again, come across his sculptures. His works reflect his thoughts on the injustices of human rights in Korea, using polymer clay to craft hyper-realistic modified human anatomical features in a rather grotesque manner. I find his works nothing less than impeccable.

Check out more of his works at Sweet Station:!

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Man, look at the coloration on that betta. Look at how dark his head is, that’s insane, that must be one happy betta. What’s your water at? Like 82 degrees? Yeah? Watchu eatin? You on a carnivorous diet is that the work of Hikari Gold? You eat bloodworms? Mmm? Minimal aeration in your tank? Lots of places to nap I’m guessing? Cuz you look good. You’re killing me here. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

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